Despite their huge importance to millions of readers publishers of trade publications have been digitally disrupted and going out of business. Social media platforms are scalable, drum up high engagement, and have attracted huge advertising revenues.  However, losing out on the vital news they need, consumers are now confronted with sifting through piles of fake news and bottom-of-the-barrel “click bait”.  The moonlight platform will give specialist freelance writers, editors and their loyal followers a new home.

Moonlight provides a centralised editorial infrastructure to link specialist writers with loyal readers. All content is checked for accuracy and exclusivity by approved moonlight editors, reducing risk of fake news. There is no need for multiple subscriptions or wallets; readers follow their favourite "moonlighters" all on one platform and only pay for what they want to read. moonlighters are incentivised to market their work; the more readers who unlock their stories, the more they earn.