Brightman Water Ltd was incorporated on 8th April 2019 by Jeremy Hassell who has more than 36 years’ experience and expertise of the laboratory water purification market, including winning a British Design Award in 1987 whilst working for one of the global market leaders in laboratory water purification. His family also has a history of water purification dating back to 1962, when his father Martin Hassell was a pioneer of early laboratory water purification units.

With this extensive knowledge of the industry, Brightman Water has designed, developed and patented a revolutionary approach to laboratory water purification. The current technology and business model for laboratory water purification is built around single-use, disposable filter cartridges, which consequently has an enormous impact on the environment.

Based upon this new innovative technology, Brightman Water plan to develop and manufacture a range of laboratory water purification units that not only provide ultra-high purity grade laboratory water but also importantly negate the need for single-use disposable filter cartridges. This sustainable and environmentally friendly laboratory water purification is made possible by an innovative Exchange Purity Unit (EPU), which is fully recyclable.

This significant advancement in laboratory water purification technology will have a major positive impact on the level of waste currently being generated by the industry, whilst at the same producing ultra-high purity water.

There are already many notable initiatives to address the current environmental impact of laboratories and therefore it’s very timely to be launching an environmentally friendly and disruptive range of laboratory water purifications units.

The laboratory water purifier market is experiencing strong growth of CAGR of 11.6% with a global market value forecast to soar from US$10.06 billion to US$19.25billion by 2022. Brightman Water’s laboratory water purification technology is therefore ideally positioned to exploit the potential for significant commercial growth.

A proof of concept unit has been manufactured to demonstrate and successfully verify the technology. The business is now seeking commercialisation support partners to realise this exciting opportunity.

Our business is centred on the design, manufacturing and exploitation of Laboratory water Purification units. These are environmentally friendly and introduce a global paradigm shift in the handling of exhausted purification media and the managing of system sanitisation and ensuring maximum benefits to the end user regarding the critical handling of ultra-pure water following purification.