Caboodle is a hassle-free, on-demand storage service that saves you time, effort and money. Forget transport, Caboodle brings sturdy boxes to your door, use our app to photo-catalogue your belongings and arrange collection. Smart Storage, Delivered.
What the customer doesn’t see is how Caboodle’s R&D activities have combined both existing and proprietary technology to track, store and retrieve items. Caboodle’s tech provides a platform for growth Building on our partnership with Professor Paul Krause (Complex Systems, Computer Science Department, University of Surrey) Caboodle will harness photo cataloguing, Fire safety design and automation within the warehouse to provide a licensable “plug-and-play” technology platform for worldwide export in the storage market.
Caboodle is a by-the-box storage service which competes with traditional self-storage by offering a high-convenience alternative to the low service, fixed location providers. 
All you need is a smartphone to use Caboodle. We send you large, sturdy boxes, with a waterproof liner and smart tags at a time convenient to you. Simply hold your phone’s camera up to the tag to activate it, then snap each item as you pack it, creating an automatic catalogue. Recall the box you want, when you want it. 
What you won’t need is a half-day excursion in your cousin’s van, a posse of friends, packing boxes, labels or a part-filled tin room in a warehouse on a trading estate.</p>