OSBI Limited (Trading as Meteorite BI)

Meteorite BI is a specialist information management company. We provide software, cloud based hosting and consultancy to deliver data analytics to our customers.

Meteorite Consulting provides cost effective, end-to-end business intelligence and information management solutions. Our consultants are experts in developing and supporting business intelligence, data warehousing and data integration solutions using Saiku, Yellowfin, Pentaho, Actuate, Jaspersoft, Talend, Vectorwise and other complementary technologies. We work with our customers to define information management strategies, design solutions and deliver them quickly and cost effectively. 

We use the latest technologies we develop cost effective, innovative data solutions that can be delivered rapidly and are easy to use. New technologies including big data, cloud and open source bring opportunities to deliver solutions with massive data volumes and vast user communities to organisations of any size, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Our software solution, Saiku Analytics, is an open source OLAP analysis tool, allowing users to quickly and easily find answers to ad hoc business queries, via a graphical web interface.

Meteorite Cloud is a unique flexible hosted BI environment, which allows our customers to choose from a range of cloud providers, select the most appropriate software technologies from a range of vendors and use the solution only when they require it.

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