Accelogress Limited

Accelogress Limited offers software development and project management consultancy services with expertise in Mobile, Web and Specialized software and systems development.

With extensive previous experience in mobile applications research and development, Accelogress is able to provide quality services to customers such as requirements analysis, system specification & design, technical project planning and implementation. With a broad set of technical and project management skills Accelogress works directly with customers to realise complex ideas that require a structured and analytical approach.

Accelogress actively pursues the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market. In a growing market with great challenges in traffic management, emission reduction, road safety, etc., Accelogress aims to provide software system solutions that integrate data collected in real-time in intelligent ways to timely inform mobile users as well as to use this information to contribute towards the efficiency and productivity of traffic/road management systems in towns, boroughs and businesses."

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