Building a Sales Funnel Workshop

Wednesday 13th of July 2022 - 10:00

About this workshop:

Many companies, large and small, struggle with developing a reliable sales process. Their lack of a systematic approach to engaging with customers and tracking their progress toward closing a deal makes it difficult to see how sales are progressing, where improvements can be made, and when to scale the activity up. Developing a disciplined approach to understanding your customer’s journey and tracking customers through the sales process will form a basis for better managing your sales activity in the short term and growing it in the future.

We will introduce you to the concept of a sales funnel and cover

Mapping your customer journey

How to build a sales funnel

Sales funnel insights

This is a hands-on workshop to help you explore your sales process as a fundamental element in developing your business for scale. It will provide tools to help you better understand and develop a reliable sales process, a critical element of a startup if it is to survive and thrive.


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