Entrepreneurs Impact Workout

Wednesday 13th of July 2022 - 10:00

Impact has become a key lens by which CEOs must assess their businesses through recognizing that funders are no longer just interested in the economic impact a business has. Funders wish to understand the value a business brings within its social and environmental setting and how it is assessing these and where it is focusing as part of its business strategy. This is not greenwashing as has perhaps been described in the past, funders what to see measurable steps which articulated alongside the economic proposition. Alongside this, depending on the type of business consideration needs to be given to the product lifecycle and mitigation of environmental impact at end of life use.


The Entrepreneurs Impact Workout will cover the following:

- Why SDG/ESG matter, and what is the difference

- Economic, Environmental and Social Value – which matters the most?

- What are SDG/ESG goals and defining which are important to you

- How to provide defined measures against stated goals

- Defining negative impacts and how to mitigate against them

- How to articulate your goals to interest different audiences

- What are Impact Investors and what do they want from ESG impact


At the end of the workout each company should be able to:

- Articulate their business under 2 new goals: Environmental and Social

- Understand how to measure those goals

- Understand how to mitigate against the negative impact

- Understand how to articulate to different audiences but especially investors


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