Investment Readiness Masterclass

Thursday 9th of June 2022 - 16:00

During the Investment Readiness Masterclass, we will explore the following areas:

· Angel money or VC and what they look for in businesses

· Sources of Angel Money

· Other Sources of potential funding – ie Bank Finance, grants,

· Alternatives to external funding – organic growth from accelerating sales & improved account management

· What to do to prepare yourself for external funding, ie what should a Business Plan contain?

· Fundraising best practices and key mistakes to avoid

· How much time will the top management team have to invest in raising funding?

· Where does Crowd Funding fit in the mix of raising early-stage funding?

· Should you consider gifting, or loans, and which Crowdfunding site to use

About the instructor:

Colin worked for over 6 years as the Business Development Manager for an early stage Tech-focused VC and generated an extra £1.5m for the investee companies. Launched the London Angel Club for Angels Den, which typically raised £1m to £2m for 6 to 10 business pa, and also delivered their Masterclasses for new Angel Investors. Colin Co-Leads the meetings of the 3Cs Community on a pro bono basis, which encourages entrepreneurs based on a “pay it forward” principle. He now concentrates on mentoring clients, to help them grow through a focus on Go To Market and Selling activities together with exit planning. In early 2020 joined the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce as a NED and helped launch their Entrepreneur Foundation, attracting over 30 companies in their 1st Cohort. Colin is frequently invited to join pitching judging panels as well as delivering workshops on both Raising Angel Finance as well as How to Invest in early-stage businesses.

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