Marketing4Startups Clinic Session - For Members Only

Monday 9th of November 2020 - 09:30

One of the topics regularly requested is Marketing, and specifically how best to launch your businesses once you are ready to do so. It is easy to spend lots of money on marketing channels that will not deliver your objectives, but more difficult to identify those channels that will give you the biggest impact for the smallest possible budget.

The clinic will be led by Nick Sharples, Managing Director of the aptly named ‘Marketing 4 Start-Ups’. Nick is an alumnus of our SETsquared Business Incubator, having successfully built, marketed and launched two tech companies and secured investment through S100 Club and SETsquared.

Nick has an unusually broad expertise in all of the marketing disciplines (with a background in global level Marketing Communications for companies such as Sony and Belron).

Whilst happy to offer advice to members on any marketing topic, Nick's experience in successfully marketing two Tech start-ups and helping a wide variety of clients to launch and market their own start-ups and small businesses should be of interest to you.

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