Developing Your Customer Value Proposition Workshop

8th September 2022 - 13:00

About this workshop:

Many companies (large and small) struggle to articulate adequately the value they offer customers, often promoting product features or making generic assertions about the benefits of their solution with little focus on any specific target customer. A compelling value proposition, on the other hand:

expresses your business offering in terms of the value it offers to specific customers

differentiates you from your competitors

forms the basis of all marketing and sales activities and materials

perhaps most importantly – clarifies in...

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Clinic

9th September 2022 - 11:00

About this event

As a member of the Investment team, Emma Fadlon supports KTN’s investment activities focussing on both angels and VCs. She works across KTN’s technology sectors helping companies to evaluate their business, commercial and to-market plans and links them into the relevant support, funding and investment networks. Emma is also the Co-Director of CyberASAP a pre-seed cyber security academic accelerator programme. With a PhD in tumour immunology, Emma’s technical background encompasses a range of health applications, including vaccines and medical devices, gained from...

Innovate UK Edge Clinic

12th September 2022 - 10:00

Innovate UK Edge works with innovative small and medium size companies, to help them address their business challenges, maximise the opportunities and put them on a path to growth.

We provide Innovate UK funded wrap-around support through tailored 1 to 1 sessions in areas such as:

Exploit innovation

Innovation management strategies development Connections to the innovation eco-system IP Audits (when available) Design for Growth coaching programme (when available) Funding for product development when using the Innovate UK Catapult network technology and innovation...