Medscan provides medical imaging and computer-aided diagnostic services to NHS hospitals and commissioners across health regions. Imaging systems enable medical professionals to make processes within the human body visible so that they can diagnose pathological changes and precisely target therapeutic procedures. 
In a NHS that is running at capacity for diagnostics, with increasing demand and waits, and falling spend per patient, Medscan makes available affordable advanced imaging and diagnostic capacity, and utilises the latest in computer-aided diagnostics, to ensure patients are treated in a timely manner, using the best information technology, as close to home as possible in community settings, within a seamless NHS pathway. 
Medical imaging methods have substantial growth potential. For example, an analysis conducted by Research and Markets in 2013 forecasts that the market for medical imaging systems will grow from $32.3 billion in 2014 to $49 billion in 2020. According to a study conducted by Markets and Markets in 2013, the global market for analytical software for medical imaging systems will grow from $1.7 billion in 2012 to about $2.4 billion in 2017. Moreover, demand for integrated diagnostic methods is steadily increasing. Among other things, they make possible the processing and reconstruction of images, the computer-assisted recognition of medical conditions, the generation of 3D images, and the use of appropriate quality control systems.
Medscan provides innovative medical imaging and diagnostic services to the NHS affordably, using the latest in technology to bring advanced techniques to NHS clinicians’ day-to-day practice for the benefit of patients. 
By operating a multi-modal, multi-site, community based imaging service across providers, Medscan offers a broad range of imaging modalities as well as computer-aided diagnostics to patient and clinical populations across a health system. With full management of the patient pathway from referral to result, underpinned by a robust referral and triage process, patients’ exams are processed and returned to NHS clinicians’ local patient administration systems, ensuring all patients are seen quickly, safely, and for the best outcome.
Underpinning Medscan’s service is an image management and computer-aided diagnostics platform (called ‘iRIS’) that processes thousands of medical images and patient pathways. iRIS is a secure, scalable and powerful cloud-based picture archive with image processing capability and workflow management, that has been designed to process very high volumes of extremely large image files, and be able to deliver and retrieve them quickly in order for clinicians to be able to work effectively in real-time. This allows clinicians across the health system access best-in-class tools and techniques in their day-to-day work to improve patient care and outcomes.
The service is delivered as a SaaS, to bring the best in imaging and diagnostics developments to each and every NHS clinician cost-effectively by extracting the value of scale economies and returning savings in providing a service that is deliverable at NHS Tariffs.