Case Study

Fourth State Medicine

Company overview

Delivering space age technology to the cosmetic and wound care sector.

Fourth State Medicine (4SM) is an exciting company delivering a new product to the medical sector using our proprietary atmospheric plasma technology. The cosmetic and aesthetic industry and patients are set to benefit from a significant new treatment option available from late 2016.

Dr Thomas E D Frame

Founder and CEO

Dr Frame is a professional engineer and entrepreneur having spent his career in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, developing X-ray machines and instrumentation before moving into the space sector where he has been influential in a broad range of satellite missions and technology developments across Europe and the US.

How has SETsquared Surrey helped your company?

We certainly would not be in as strong a position as we are now without them – and potentially not be here at all. They have helped shape our business development and personal skills in the early days with their world class array of mentors, teachers and connections. This development led us to secure early funding through their events and connections that launched us a genuine company and has helped us realise our vision to where we are today.

SETsquared Surrey Support

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How has your company changed since being part of the incubator?

We went into the doors of the Surrey Technology Centre up on a vibrant research park where SETsquared Surrey is based with nothing more than an idea of how a technology might work. We stand here now with a great team, offices and manufacturing capability with products in the UK market and negotiating a high value and significant Joint Venture that could see us launch into a huge Chinese market early next year. To say things have changed is a little bit of an understatement.

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