PetPanion is a smart all-in-one mobile app empowering and rewarding pet parents to live a healthier and happier life with their pets hand in paw, without worry or fear. The three themes are “Love | Connect | Protect”. We put all data of your pet in your hands including their full medical records; we offer personalised pet healthcare according to your pet’s breed, age and health conditions; we connect you with your vet and your insurer in a smarter way and guess what? You will also get rewarded for looking after your pets!

We plan to acquire users via partnership with vet groups and pet insurers.
B2B; Our “Freemium model” provides a portal for vet clinics to receive online bookings from their clients. We will charge vet clinics a monthly subscription if they would like to add additional functionalities like real-time booking, online vet consultation via chat or video etc.
Similarly, pet business owners will also have a free version and will be able to upgrade via monthly subscription.
We will charge pet insurers an annual access fee for digital claims submission services.
B2C: Our “Freemium model” provides a platform for pet owners store everything about their pets in one place, including the full medical records, microchip no. and insurance details. We will have a monthly subscription fee for various packages, including telemedicine for pets, annual vaccination & all-year flea treatments, mobile vets for home visits.