Case Study

Inovo Robotics

Company overview

Modular robotics made easy

We created Inovo Robotics to make capable, versatile, robotics accessible to all. We address the problems growing businesses have in automating repetitive, hazardous or precise tasks. We believe there is a better way and want to free your staff from the monotony of repetitive tasks so you can focus them on more valuable and rewarding work. We also believe in putting you in control by providing intuitive, easy to use interfaces, so that configuring our robots for your specific task, is as easy as possible.

Henry Wood

Co-Founder and CEO

Henry's education background has been in engineering.  Since graduating from the University of Sussex, Henry has developed a bomb disposal robot for UK police and has been involved in next generation of driving simulators at McLaren F1.

How has SETsquared Surrey helped your company?

I was told about an ‘entrepreneurship course’ being run at SETsquared by one of the members of a ‘Lean Start up’ event I was attending once a month in Guildford. I attended the three day course in 2016 which I found excellent and decided to become a virtual member of SetSquared at that point. 

SETsquared Surrey Support

SETsquared Surrey supports companies in many ways but below are some of the key areas we helped




Pitch Prep

How has your company changed since being part of the incubator?

SETsquared Surrey provided a 1-1 meeting every few months to help address strategic challenges we have been facing. They also run frequent workshops which address a wide range of issues including marketing, fund raising, legal and accounting many of which I have attended and benefited from.  SETsquared Surrey also allocated us a business mentor, we meet with him every months and find is contribution and guidance highly valuable.

Company Successes

Securing Innovate UK grant

ROBOTT-NET Consulting support

Alibaba pitching finals