We are a Platform as a Service provider for motor insurance providers. We enable the rapid migration of insurance customers onto a customer and app centric insurance experience.

We deliver a mobile engagement strategy and technology base to motor insurance companies.
We solve their problems of customer engagement AND data management
Infrasure is a Platform as a Service offering end-to-end mobile centric insurance solutions
It includes front-end apps for accident reporting, FNOL, car and ID verification, telematics and a social social media web portal for rewards
Our platform a central data-hub, insurer web portal, data analysis & reporting desk and single integration API
We offer a full white label solution and rapid deployment
Uses the Vzzual image processing back-end who are a SETsquared member.

Motor insurance providers have significant challenges that Infrasure helps fix. these include:

Low margins
Lack of differentiation
Huge data volumes, data diversity and real time data
Legacy systems
Skills gaps
Need to implement new customer journey types
Need to embrace new technology and innovate

Consumers are also changing and becoming more demanding:
Expecting convenience and low cost
Expecting mobile app centric engagement
Expecting more than just insurance
Generation Y/Z customers are digital natives