Marmot Labs provides software solutions that improve the effectiveness of anxiety and phobia therapy using virtual reality and biofeedback. We use a novel approach where the virtual reality environment is controlled by each person biofeedback.

Exposure therapy is made more accessible by virtual reality. This product is needed now because it addresses the mental health crisis. It offers a safe, sustainable alternative to the long waiting lists patients must wait to receive their treatment.
We provide a range of immersion therapy scenarios. Our software is a dual user system where the patient enters the virtual experience while the therapist monitors the progress via a dashboard.
Using virtual reality we create environments and tasks that trigger fear response. It creates a great sense of presence, the user feels they are part of the experience rather than just observing, so it has a greater and longer lasting impact.
We constantly monitor the experience impact and provide live adjustment of the experience. We aim to find a balance between making a difference and pushing too hard.
As the product matures and we have enough data it will be possible to use this technology without a therapist.
Initially the system is mainly geared toward professional therapists and life coaches who can use it to enhance their offering. They would be offered a high-end experience using latest technology to maximum presence is achieved in each experience.