Epitomical strike success in 5G with H2020 grant

SETsquared Surrey member Epitomical, along with the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre and other partners have been awarded a H2020 grant worth over €14m.  The consortium includes major vertical players, research/academic institutions and SMEs. Partners have proven know-how in 5G, vertical applications, standardisation, business modelling, prototyping, trials and demonstrations.

The grant will enable the project lead Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT OY (based in Finland) and other project partners to pull together use cases and validation trials for 5G technology in healthcare, transport and aquaculture industries.  The overall aim of the project is to see improved business models in these verticals in a 5G market and therefore stimulate business opportunities within and beyond the project. 

Epitomical has been awarded the role of building and demonstrating Transport specific trials in areas including Autonomous & Assisted Driving, Teleoperation and Vehicle Data Services. These trials will host important innovations - slicing as a service; resource orchestration in access/core and cloud/edge segments with live user environments. Novel applications and devices will be devised based on in-vehicle, roadside and cloud technology systems developed by Epitomical. The project will also benefit from past Epitomical led projects such as Project Alloyed. Trials will run on the 5G sites of 5G-Vinni (Oslo, Norway), 5Genesis (Guildford, Surrey), 5G-EVE (Athens, Greece), as well as Oulu and Groningen in Finland, which will be integrated to form a powerful and sustainable platform.

For more information on the H2020 project, please click this link: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/223673/factsheet/en

For more information on Epitomical, please visit their website: https://www.epitomical.com/

For more information on 5G-HEART, please visit: http://5gheart.org/

For more information on Project Alloyed, please visit: https://alloyed.epitomical.com/

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