Mafic announces new partnership with INEOS Team UK

Mafic have joined forces with INEOS Team UK to provide the close monitoring of social distancing using their wearable devices.

SETsquared Surrey member, Will Woodhead set-out on his start-up journey with Mafic because he was seeing too many easily preventable accidents in the workplace.    He knew that he could combine 18 years operational experience with technology to produce something to help improve safety and productivity in industrial sites.  With this vision, their product Safeguard was born.  Safeguard is a wearable device with internal sensors that can fit into a hard hat, armband or pocket that can recognise hazards such as slips, trips and falls and environmental factors like noise or dust.  It does this in real-time and data is pushed to a smart dashboard for workforce-wide insights to drive improvements.  Mafic have recently partnered with British sailing team Ineos Team UK to help keep them safe by deploying their wearable devices to closely monitor social distancing in and out of the water.

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