Blockchain free training programmes for SMEs

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are rapidly reshaping how society can benefit from digitalisation. To help SMEs with the implementation of the new technology, the University of Surrey has partnered with Blockstart, a European partnership programme for start-ups and SMEs to provide a free training programme on blockchain.
Businesses located in Surrey Research Park and within the local area are eligible for the free training if they are a SME and work in healthcare, agrofood, logistics or supply chains.
Blockstart’s free training programme is tailored to participant’s needs with training sessions, workshops and webinars available to identify how blockchain will impact your sector and business, as well as giving you an opportunity to implement blockchain solutions such as smart contracts, medical e-records and combined food databases.
If you are interested in joining the programme contact us at or apply here.
The programme is due to end June 2022, however it is strongly recommended that applications are submitted by April 2021 to ensure the opportunities for training, technology testing and implementation are maximised.

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