Debunking the myths around menopause & improving access to women’s health services

Fiona Sweny, Founder of Ingo Health saw a need for more support for women going through menopause. Read her interview below on how the idea for a digital menopause management app grew. 

“It was whilst working as a physio in women’s elite sport that I became interested in women’s health. Following research, I realised there was very little support and information out there for women going through the menopause, which is interesting because at that particular life stage many women are at the peak of their careers and the busiest, they’ve ever been. So why the lack of information? Menopause can be debilitating with symptoms pervading every part of their lives including brain fog, lack of energy, night sweats and hot flushes”.

“Following my research, the idea for a digital menopause management app – Ingo Health – planted seed and grew. It aims to help GPs provide remote monitoring and care to their patients and to enable to women to access better, more consistent information and advice. We’re due to start clinical trials later this year, with a view to the app being available on a small scale in early 2022”.
“My advice to other budding female entrepreneurs is to surround yourself with people who share your vision and access all the support available to you. The team at SETsquared Surrey have been absolutely amazing. From the encyclopaedic knowledge of the Entrepreneur in Residence Chris Pett to the finance, legal and marketing clinics – the sense of community has been a huge support to me on my start-up journey so far”.

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