Educational games company launches new, fun activities for children

SETsquared Surrey company Play Well for Life is launching a new “school” in the online video game Minecraft to enable children to study their curriculum while exploring new “worlds” on the popular platform.
These new Minecraft additions have been developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and give children the chance to explore Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Atlantis in a secure manner on a closed server. The “worlds” cover 10 different subjects for the key stage two curriculum and provide feedback and rewards for children playing. Parents receive feedback on what their children have been learning, how long they have been playing and what they are excelling at or struggling with.
Play Well for Life’s Minecraft worlds are developed by experienced teachers and enabled for full accessibility, with features such as audio support should a child struggle with reading.
“We’re really excited to be launching our new school on Minecraft to support parents and children,” said Dr Sarah Campbell, CEO and founder of Play Well for Life. “It’s a win-win solution as the children learn while playing on their favourite video game, and parents know who they’re playing with and how they’re progressing with the curriculum. It is an immersive learning experience for children – much like visiting a museum would be.”
Play Well for Life was launched by Dr Sarah Campbell last year. As an experienced educator and consultant, she realised that while there were many educational games available for children, not many approached education holistically or focused on themes such as emotional intelligence and mental health awareness.
It was a SETsquared Surrey mentor that originally encouraged Sarah to develop games specifically in response to the pandemic and home schooling.
“The SETsquared Surrey team has been fantastic at challenging me to keep innovating and providing key contacts in new areas of business,” said Sarah. “Being part of a community of technology leaders plus gaining access to pitching and investment opportunities and advice has played a huge part in our company’s growth.”
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