Its sole purpose is to provide cheap consistent energy, making the most of any renewable energy generated locally. The energy can be traded with other users of powerQuad.
powerQuad will be smart, having Artificial Intelligent algorithms working in a national and international scale to predict energy usage with the sole aim to help the user be energy efficient, identifying ways to save energy and money. The user will have a free to use mobile application that shows the live energy usage, giving the user the opportunity to override powerQuad's AI and turn off separate feeds around the home. The use of mobile notification will be advantageous for marketing opportunities for 3rd party organisations, which provide low energy products such as LED lighting.

PowerQuad Ltd. is a stand alone company that will produce an intelligent home energy storage product that can be installed in every home throughout the world.
The powerQuad unit will be tailored for each home, much like a gas boiler, to ensure the customers' needs are met.