Real Media Now Limited is a new company developing an online concept providing tuition videos for users of games in exchange for them watching some advertising. The company is founded by Dan Anahory, Adrian Kondrat and Mike Smales who have experience working for start-ups.

Real Media Now plans to assist brands in achieving higher customer uptake rates with lower customer acquisition costs, through our creating assistance-based moments in a user’s journey. This new style of marketing allows the user to receive help from the brand in a non-intrusive way, whilst still enjoying their current user experience.

For example, if a user is playing candy crush on his iPhone, he may at one point or another be stuck on a level and not wanting to pay for in game app purchases, he may stop playing the game meaning that candy crush loses a valued player.

The solution to this problem is Real Media Now which offers the player a video walkthrough from a brand such as Coca-Cola showing them how to get past the level on candy crush and a discounted coupon for his next in game app purchase.