Raising kids is becoming more sustainable: from cloth nappies to sustainable baby grows parents are making choices to leave a lighter tread on the planet for their kids: except when it comes to skincare.  50% of children suffer from sensitive skin, but 65% of consumers want to swap to more sustainable choices.  In children’s skincare, they had a choice between plastic-wrapped and unsustainable children's products suitable for their sensitive skin, or sustainable adult solutions that irritate. Until Rowdy Kind.

Rowdy Kind is the world's first plastic-free body care for kids' sensitive skin.  We take everything you’d expect in a high-quality bottle of kids’ skincare without the environmental footprint. Our formulations deliver a perfectly balanced cleanser, moisturizer, or conditioner in solid bar form allowing us to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions from transportation and make plastic packaging redundant.  We are the first and only brand to achieve this for the unique skin needs of children.