Senapt Limited is a facilitator of the Energy Transition. Our goal is to build platforms that will help to deliver the benefits of the energy revolution into the hands of consumers. Using the data in Smart Meters, our platforms help customers understand their energy consumption and provides customers with deep insights and analytics that helps them to save money on their energy usage.
We also provide energy suppliers with platforms that helps them to operate efficiently to reduce their operational costs, which in-turn reduces energy bills and help consumers to save money.

Senapt Limited was started because we realised that, no energy supplier goes to the energy market with the business strategy of ripping off customers as much as possible. However the lack of good platforms available to use for energy supply management forces lots of operational complexities on suppliers which in turn results in higher tariffs, thereby leading customers to think their supplier just wants to rip them off. By providing tools and platforms that allow efficient energy supply management and also giving customers deep insight and understanding of their energy consumption, we can create a new energy market that works for all the stakeholders involved.