U-Linc is a UK company (Company number 10832006) recently formed to commercialise the invention of a protocol which enables users to interact simply, seamlessly and securely with different Internet of Things (IoT) devices from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. U-Linc’s customers – semiconductor manufacturers, connected-device manufacturers, and connectivity service providers - gain a distinct market advantage in licensing this protocol. We enable them to provide to their users a simple, common/universal interface which will interact seamlessly and securely with different connectable devices without the inconvenience and complexity of having to install different applications for different devices.

The market for connectable devices (IoT) is expanding at a phenomenal rate hence the need for such solutions; U-Linc will facilitate and capitalise upon this opportunity.

U-Linc is UK-based company and the aim is to keep all the intelligence and know-how in house.

Our market is semiconductor (silicon) manufacturers, different equipment manufacturers, and connectivity and service providers. This type of market requires direct access to U-Linc and its software developers. Regional support offices will be put in place as the business grows and local reach/local language support is necessary for business management reasons however the development/technical support will remain centralised with the company to provide quality, responsive product while protecting IP.