X0PA's AI matching recruitment SAAS platform aims to enable the fastest match between employer and job seeker by two sided matching algorithms. X0PA uses artificial intelligence to score and match jobs to candidates as well as candidates to best matching jobs. By doing this we aim to reduce the time and effort for the right candidate to find the best fitting jobs for them and for the employer to find most suitable talent with reduced time to hire, reduced cost to hire, improved quality and diversity if hire, removing conscious and unconscious bias and with our unique candidate dashboard and notifications systems candidates are kept informed of all progress on their profile. The algorithms aim to "screen in" candidates rather than "screen out" by using "Natural Language processing". What this helps to do is identify potential of candidates to be able to scale or grow to a role rather than rejecting them. The built in smart tools include automatic email and notification system to keep all involved informed of all the activity, smart scheduler which helps manage calendars of the employer hence making them more proactive and productive, asynchronous video interview platform which saves candidates time and makes it convenient for them to upload their video responses at any time during a window of 48hours rather than having to come physically for an interview. The video interview also has a video analyser to analyse deeper responses of the candidates. Equal importance has been given to pain points of employer as well as job seekers. The product is created by team of practitioners who have spent over 2 decades in the human resources business.

X0PA aims to create an ecosystem of employers, employees, students and academia to help manage talent flow and talent management for entire life cycle of an individual. This is a bold vision and a blend of B2B and B2C approach. Removing Silos and creating a fluid ecosystem which benefits both job seekers and employers with academia now connected to this ecosystem. 5 years from now X0PA aims to have over 5bn professionals (students and professionals) registered on its platform, with the 1000 top universities registered along with over 1000 corporations part of this ecosystem. X0PA aims to be a Linkedin but an actionable one. Every student will have an internship, youth unemployment will be eradicated, overall unemployment will be drastically reduced and companies in turn will hire candidates best matching and most productive to their organisation hence improving retention and productivity of organisations.

Artificial intelligence is key to our solution. The Founder pivoted her existing HR consulting and executive search business to create this unique platform on the back of 20 years of data , time series, outcomes and decisions helping create algorithms which only get better with usage and machine learning. AI is also then used to create a fast, intuitive platform which dramatically reduces times and achieves better quality and lesser biased results of match improving quality of hire, diversity and retention of hire. Platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure with multi tenancy possible in various regions to support GDPR and scaling from an engineering point of view is not a concern.