An all-in-one loyalty app that consolidates the basic loyalty stamp cards onto a digital platform. The app allows merchants to retain their customers, cross-sell to customers of other merchants, accept QR code payment, collect data analytics and offer personalised rewards.

The Zeal user has a QR code that is integrated with their debit/credit/paypal/fawry account and their loyalty program. On the other hand, the waiter has a Zeal Scanner
app that is integrated to the merchant's Point of Sale/Bank Account and as the QR is scanned, money is transferred from the users account to the merchant's account and at the same time the user gets a "punch" on their loyalty card.

By turning the loyalty stamp cards digital, businesses are able to understand their customers' behaviors, demographics, and send targeted push notifications to certain segments on certain events. Merchants can also track the number of punches in a certain time period, the number of rewards redeemed, and the total number of digital cards finished. Targeted notifications can also be sent with the latest offers, remind the user that he hasn't visited in a while, or reward the consumer on their birthday to increase loyalty.